Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There's nothing like accountability...

No Really, (eye roll) there's nothing like the kind of accountability you get when you  stupidly willingly sign up with a benevolent dictator, hand him a paddle, and ask him to help you with your weaknesses for the better of the marriage.  For better or for worse. Crap. Ya know those high ideals seem to get higher the farther in we get into ttwd.

I have had many different kinds of things he we focused on  since we began and I am grateful that the more accountability he gives me the higher standard he sets for himself.  I guess if I believe that he is head of home and God holds him accountable for what our family does it seems fair that he should have some say in it. That was Adam's problem, he didn't say anything. So as one of my favorite preachers on the topic said " Adam became the woman and Eve became the man and all hell broke loose".  Eve refused Adam's headship and Adam did what Eve should have done towards him, YIELD. I really believe that there is blessing in God's chain of command and this is one reason why I go kicking and screaming willingly to the closet.

I had a rude awakening today when I watched my 4 year old rebel for no good reason. I know I do that sometimes just because of pride and it hurts so much to lose control. I know I should give in, but alas I don't always do it without outside motivation. Then my favorite preacher on this topic had to scare the wits out of me when he reminded me that God NEVER responds to rebellion, just as I would never give into my child throwing a tantrum. (Crapx2) I know that I am much more pleased with my child when he follows the chain of command and I want to bless him, I am sure I can expect the same from God. Don't get me wrong I don't see myself as a child nor does my husband but if we want our home to have order and peace then there has to be some kind of order. We are equal in everyway but our functions that make our home run well are quite different. There can only be one head.

Also, just a little disclaimer here... while many reasons we do ttwd are rooted in our Christian belief system in no way do I think this is for everyone, nor do I think that the Bible teaches that the chain of command needs to be lived out this way. This is something we chose because we felt it would better our marriage and help us to live out our roles more effectively. It's just a tool and its a bummer I can't meet the ideals and face my own weaknesses without it, so I guess its good I have a man who is happy to help with that. I GUESS! LOL

So FOCUS SCHMOCUS... here are are a few things my dh has asked told me to focus on.
  1. 1. Asking instead of telling ( "Who me? Never" !)
  2. 2. Huffing and Stomping... OOOH "NO" Huffing and Stomping LOL( "Who me? Never" !)
  3. 3. Obeying immediately ( "Who me? Never" !) hahah
  4. 4.  And no pouting ( "Who me? Never" !)

Ok I swear these rules are for me and not my 4 year old. How embarrasing. :-)

A few of the oldies but goodies.
  • NO Yelling
  • No swearing while we are arguing having a discussion... this is a biggie. Not like I cuss him out or anything. ( "Who me? Never, Ever, Ever." !)
  • Oh yah and remember my thyroid medicine. Since that doesn't affect my mood or anything.
So there ya go, a rambling post on accountability, preachers, and the rules I plan to break will never break.



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