Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So Much To Remember!

Amidst all the light-heartedness (and sometimes frustration) of finally setting up our blog, there's always "the things I ask her to remember..."

"Did you remember to take your medicine?"

      "umm.... yeah....?"

"On time?"

      "well... what were you saying dear?"

Uh-huh, I thought so!
"Dear, <smack> remember, <smack> I've asked you to RESPOND <smack>, not REACT <smack>!
And, in real time, as I write this post... "Dear, REMEMBER, stop looking over my shoulder as I type!!!  Or there will be smacking!  You can look after I post, because I'm not asking for your editorial skills tonight."


Blogging will never be finished.  Working will never be finished. And our Remembering should never be finished.

We're not here for politicking, or history lessons, and certainly not for "hate-mongering."  But I'll tell you, I'll NEVER forget the sight Manhattan through my airplane window in late October 2001.  And I'll NEVER forget the smell as we walked and prayed around the areas of rubble, workers hustling with exhausted resolve.  And I'll never forget walking around, talking to complete strangers (New Yorkers no less!  YANKEES!) who offered such openness, sincerity, connecting through common pain.

I ask you, BEG you, REMEMBER!

Not out of bitterness and spite, clinging to hate with un-forgiveness for generations... (I'll be clinging to my God, Guns, and Bibles, so I've no room in my hands for unthoughtful hate).  I don't ask you to remember so we can all wallow in some sense of common feverishness.

Remember!  For our own common good!
For those we lost!
For those who climbed UP!
For how much is yet to be done!
and For what we Continue to Lose!
and For those who come behind us.

May they Remember OUR memories.  May they know Why.  May they know Who.  May they find Strength.  May they look UP!


America, LOOK UP!!


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