About Us

I'm not Lucy and he's not Ricky but that's who we will go by in this blog. 
We are a couple who have been in a domestic discipline relationship for several  years now.  I am funloving, do goofy things at times without thinking, and take things to heart easily like Lucy. He's definatley got the head of house vibe that Ricky exuberates so easily but balances it with compassion and love for me.  Another reason we chose these characters for ourselves was because I have come to recognize that he can see when I am being unreasonable at times when I really can't, and now with the tools of dd he can call me on it and I am required to listen, one way or another.  Usually, because I am also stubborn, it's "another".   So here we are into year 3 of dd still working on keeping the "little foxes that spoil the vineyards" away.


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