Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Did I tell you...

Did I tell you I nearly didn't get this blog off the ground? Things were going along smoothly and I was all excited and then we started having computer issues and I was getting more and more frustrated so I was also getting more and more snippy with my sweetie pie dh who had set this all up for me. lol ( Now you know why this blog is blue and gray and not PINK.)

Then my mean ole bear threatens me that if I don't knock it off my first post will be " Sorry, see you next week". URK The GALL!  So instead of  losing my connection with the outside world I decided to backtrack real quick and give poor Lucy a chance. Jeez sometimes you HOHes get so serious. Chilax!

Hey Ricky: Just kiddin babe, you were most gracious in your leniency. Can you see me curtsey in my most humble way?


  1. I'm glad you were able to get it up and running.


  2. Mick,
    Apparently I'm not young enough to use the word since I can't spell it. Here is the official spelling and meanings from the Urban dictionary.LOL

    1. Chillax A mixture between the terms "chill out" and "relax".
    Dude, just chillax, just because it's not your birthday doesn't mean that you won't have fun in the monkey jamboree.

    2. Chillax To both chill and relax at the same time.
    Dude, chillax! It's all good.

    3. chillax
    1. To chill and relax simultaneously.
    2. To loosen or reduce the level of stress by employing a more relaxed and groovy outlook.

    Origin: As employed by an older teenage sister (JCP) to her overly ebullient younger siblings (JEP) and (KSG).
    Hey! You guys need to chillax or I'm telling mom!


  3. Hi Lucy
    Nice to meet you. You blog looks wonderful - lots of pictures, I like that.
    I'll be coming back often.