Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In honor of Lucy

                            In honor of my new name Lucy I decided to watch an episode of "I love Lucy" this morning while munchkin was away at school. Not the best way to spend my free time,but hey it was refreshing to laugh at something on TV that wasn't dirty, and besides I don't have any rules about not watching TV in the middle of the day... yet. LOL

Lucy, as usual has her mind set on something and like a bulldog holds onto it tight. I prefer to call it tenacity in my life.  :-) In this episode Lucy was asked to write about what it's like to be married to Ricky. She calls him her Latin lover in one version and writes a less flattering version in another. She uses it to blackmail him to let her act with him on a show.  Ricky tries to outsmart her but in the end Lucy wins...waaahahaha.  Luckily her "Latin Lover" decided to laugh with her when she made a bit of a fool of him.  I am grateful that no matter how serious it gets we can still laugh together.  Life can be so serious at times that the only thing you can do is laugh at at the absurdity of it all.  To be honest, sometimes I find it absurd that my husband spanks me. He would say that he finds my behavior absurd at times.  So, " in the end ",  we usually end up laughing at it all, although its not usually so funny at first or when I'm over his knee.  I'm so glad my "Latin Lover" who isn't Latin at all has a sense of humor. :-)

Most of the time...


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