Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sticky Sweet

My husband decided to address a few things that have been bothering him and laid down the law so to speak. In theory I agree with what he said... "Be respectful, don't demean or disrespect him especially in front of our kid, and don't be demanding. Of course I agree with that!  Obviously...duh.  No I didn't actually say that.

He told me that he expected me to have a sweet tone especially when addressing him in front of or at the same time as kiddo AND he would be watching it closely. The problem came when he started giving examples that I didn't agree with...I don't know... I just find it hard to give in when he is listing examples of my "misdeeds", even when I know I am already getting spanked or even that it's true. I tend to want to justify my behavior off of his behavior. He decided to tenderize me a bit first then try speaking to me again.  I guess I listened a little better. Then he finished up on my backside to let me know he meant it.

So the sweetness test came early this morning. We all got up late which meant I had to get kiddo ready really fast. My little one was pretty easy and I put a lunch and breakfast together for DH so he could get out the door quick too. In fact I was kind of proud of myself for getting all this done in 20 minutes. I quickly became annoyed though when I realized that DH was on computer not doing anything super important. It seems they are always late and last year he liked to blame it on me. So I decided this year it wasn't going to be my fault if they were late. I have done a really great job of helping everyone get ready in the morning. So out saunters my husband and proclaims its time to go. I think the sweet Lucy just went out the door to go get donuts.  He asks me where kiddo is and I reply oh so slightly surly " back there somewhere". I surely didn't glare at him! Nope not me. He had started to go after the munchkin who was searching for an after school toy for mommy to bring in the car but instead came right back to me and told me to try again. I know, I know, I should have given in and been sweet but its just so hard early in the morning! I just couldn't. Sweet words could not exit my lips. I need some kind of Stormy clause...I don't have to be sweet until they have left the house for the morning! LOL  He basically got the same song different verse version of " kid is back there somewhere". He gave me the look and I know I am sunk. The thing is ... I used to be so sweet. LOL What happened.

Well after my two guys actually left the building it started to sink in.Our sermon from Sunday came to mind.
Bitterness deprives, Anxiety distracts, and Resentment opens the door to larger, uglier things. If we don't put away resentment and refuse those feelings then they can turn to Hatred and Malice... the big guns. Aw shoot. I was being resentful at my husband. The husband who works hard at his job that he hates everyday so I can stay home and be with our kid. I guess its not so much for me to help him get ready when he does so much for us. I shouldn't resent him because we both do things for each other.
 Now SurlyMe is mad at SweetMe for remembering this truth.

  Go away Sweetme because Surlyme wants to be mad. Shoot I can't. It's a sticky business but Sweetme wins... this time.

I know many of my readers may not have Christian beliefs but I'm going to tell you what I intend to do as a stone of remembrance for me ...I'm going to ask God to help me put my resentment away, make a choice to refuse my resentful feelings, forgive him for not using his time wisely( I NEVER DO THAT), and do something good to him. Perhaps I will choose to happily do the same thing for him tomorrow and not get mad next time about serving my husband. We'll see how that goes in the morning. LOL  That was so sweet it was sickening...don't worry SurlyMe will probably be back before nightfall. This being mortal thing is sticky sweet. 

I think I'll be so sweet he won't want another bite!


  1. LOL! You are SUCH a GOOD girl!!

    1. LOL, well I did try next morning and even though I was consciously thinking about it something happened and I reacted. So i didn't hardly make it 24 hours. It will take time to reshape my reactions into responces. urk

  2. Clever, cute, and convicted in spirit. I like it! ;-)

    Sorry it's taken me a while to drop by, Lucy. I'm going to go look around the rest of your blog. I love Lucy, too, by the way. ;-)


  3. I need to stop over reacting so to speak.. Sometimes my mouth speaks before I even think about it. My poor DH.. Lori