Monday, November 26, 2012

Fixing Fences

A few weeks ago my husband got bit by our neighbor's dog. No stitches but a pretty deep chomp. The dogs had been loose off n on over the last 2 years. They said they would fix the fence but they seemed to always get out. One dog was big but a typically kind breed and the other one was a small yappy dog. There have been many days where the dogs were out that I would  to drive to the mail box with kiddo to make sure we were safe. Inside my head was this nagging voice that I was being overprotective and that the dogs were fine and would leave us alone, luckily I listened to me.

So One Fine saturDay, we set out to clean all our crap out of the garage so we won't turn into the hoarders you see on TV or with a big bill at a storage unit to store STUFF.

 All I know is the paddles would be first to go in there... in the very back. LOL

Anywho, the little dog came over and he is the one I usually worry about since he has such an attitude and doesn't go home when you yell at him. So Ricky wanting to be able to work in our own front driveway with our son  shooed him back to his yard and rang doorbell and backed up. Then the owner opened the door and up came Cujo from his spot in the front yard.

 Ricky thought he would stop if he yelled at him but he just came full force and knocked him over. My DH was punching him in the head and doing anything he could do to get him off of himself even while the owner was trying to pull him off. I missed all of this. I still feel bad that I heard a dog bark and didn't think much of it and my poor DH was trying to fend off this dog.

The owner took the dog to quarantine right away. We went to ER and got DH a Tetanus shot ( I tried to get the doc to give it to him in the jk). Crazy dog days.

We have a neighbor of good will but was just negligent on their fence. She was very ready to pay for the bills and do what she should. In the end she was crying and very sorry and was frustrated that she couldn't keep her dogs in. She was so afraid that everyone on our street would hate her. We told her we didn't hate her and were glad that she was so quick to take care of things.  We were also sorry she and her kids had to lose her dog. Turns out the dog has had other problems chasing kids in neighborhood. Guess my motherly intuition was right. I feel sick every time I think that it could have been my kid or some other small kid on our street. I am sorry for my DH but very grateful it was him instead of a child. She also shared with us that she is in the middle of a divorce which could explain the lack of fence repairs. She and her almost x both seemed like great people and I was sad for them.  We may just make a friend out of this and be able to be a friend to her.

 I have had minimal consequences the last few months due to so many unforeseen dog bites. Seems our own fences are breaking down a bit, a hole here and there. Just small enough to make you think everything is ok...that's when disaster comes.  Ricky is ready to fix the fence and "board it up".  I think when my little yappy dog got out last night and disrespected him in front of our 5 year old he decided it was time to do a few home repairs.

 So tonight I expect we will mend a few fences.

 He's the only wood worker around here.

 Aaaah, oh well, I guess it's better to repair the small holes rather than have the whole fence break down and let the big dogs out.

Sooo not me, but funny. :-)


  1. Hey Lucy - Sorry to hear about Ricky getting bit - hope he heals soon. Loved your analogy - yup, much better to fix the small holes rather than waiting for the whole fence to break down. :)